SJ Goslee

SJ Goslee and her red-headed angel, Sully

I live outside Philly, PA, with my husband, two young sons, three jerk-face cats, and two dogs (one big, one small).

I’m addicted to folk rock, pop punk, indie rock and Fall Out Boy.

I’ve been writing fanfiction for over a decade and been involved in several different completely crazy, awesome fandoms.

My stories tend to focus on epic friendships, families of choice, and circumstances over blood. I like characters that are unconventional and narrators that are very flawed, strong-voiced, and who never seem to know what they want in life until they’ve had it, lost it and then need to figure out how to get it back again.  I enjoy exploring how our random choices affect the final outcome, how everything almost always comes in patterns that you never see until the end, celebrating the chaotic nature of family, finding yourself, and finding others who understand you, or at least don’t try to change you.

My first YA novel, Whatever, is now available!

Come visit my tumblr for updates, cute animal pics, shirtless dudes, Teen Wolf shenanigans and other random nonsense.